Luxury Redefined: Aman’s Newest Addition to Its Portfolio – Janu

Aman, known for its iconic luxury hotels, is set to introduce its latest addition to its portfolio – Janu.

The new lifestyle brand is the product of two years of extensive research and development, aimed at offering guests a livelier travel experience without sacrificing the unparalleled luxury that Aman is known for.

Janu is founded on the belief of balance, where guests can find greater purpose with their experience, connect, and energise in a less secluded hotel destination. It is geared towards another direction in hospitality, with a more social approach that fosters a sense of community and promotes personal fulfilment.

The Janu Experience

Each Janu property will feature a contemporary design that showcases exceptional aesthetics and attention to detail. Guests can expect social spaces such as bar, dining, and lounging areas that foster a lively and engaging environment. The open kitchen concept is perfect for culinary enthusiasts, where chefs concoct mouthwatering dishes that are prepared using low-temperature cooking and the beauty of fermentation. The bars and restaurants will feature communal tables, countertop displays, and lively entertainment programs that feature local DJs, bands, and arts. These programs encourage guests to socialise, explore, and be energized.

Janu Hotels’ riverboat dinning experience

Janu hotels also prioritise the physical and emotional wellness of their guests, with wellness facilities that feature cutting-edge treatments and experiences, the latest equipment, and extensive thermal and hydro facilities. The Wellness concept at Janu is designed to encourage guests to mingle, with activities that go beyond the traditional yoga and spas. Guests can take part in group classes like Pilates and contemporary martial arts, as well as masterclasses in cooking, all designed to foster community engagement and promote well-being.

Accommodations and Locations

Janu offers a range of room counts that are priced lower than its sister hotels but still considered premium. Rooms are smaller in comparison to Aman’s largest hotel, with 84 rooms and 680 square feet rooms. However, the luxuriousness of Janu’s accommodations is not compromised, with each room showcasing exceptional design and unparalleled comfort.

Janu will unveil three luxury properties in 2022, with locations in Al Ula in Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, and Tokyo, Japan. These destinations were carefully selected to offer guests a unique and engaging experience, showcasing the best of local culture, cuisine, and hospitality.

Final Thoughts

Janu is the newest addition to Aman’s portfolio, offering guests a new kind of luxury experience that prioritises community, well-being, and balance. With its contemporary design, exceptional culinary offerings, and engaging social spaces, Janu is set to redefine luxury travel in 2022 and beyond.

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