Revitalising Elegance: Regent Hong Kong’s £1.2 Billion Transformation

Elevating Luxury in the Heart of Hong Kong

Luxury has a new address in Hong Kong, and it’s the iconic Regent Hong Kong. Emerging from a colossal £1.2 billion transformation, the hotel stands tall as the flagship of the revamped Regent brand, setting its sights on the ultra-luxury market.

A Spiritual Guide in Luxury Design

As I stand in the opulent Presidential Suite, overlooking the breathtaking panorama of Hong Kong Island, I find it hard to believe that the unassuming figure before me, Chi Wing Lo, is the visionary designer behind this glamorous masterpiece. Dressed in his signature head-to-toe white, Lo exudes a calmness that resonates with the feng shui principles, a stark contrast to the energetic chaos one might associate with Hong Kong.

Regent Hong Kong, a haven for presidents and A-listers, has etched its place in the city’s memory. Initially unveiled in 1980, it became synonymous with ultra-luxe service and contemporary chic, a reputation that endured through changing stewardships, culminating in a four-year renovation under the InterContinental banner. Now, with the original name reinstated and IHG positioning Regent as its premium brand, the hotel embraces a new era. Twelve more Regents are on the horizon, promising a global resurgence of the brand.

Immersive Stay

Perched on the Kowloon waterfront, Regent Hong Kong commands attention. A discreet entrance, accompanied by the gentle sound of a feng shui fountain, unveils a stunning view of Victoria Harbour upon entry. The hotel boasts 497 rooms, including 130 suites, with most offering enchanting views of the harbour. The Presidential Suite, a sanctuary of opulence spanning 7,000 sq ft, stands as a testament to Regent’s commitment to providing unrivalled luxury.

The 1980s witnessed the Regent as the backdrop for numerous deals and events. The iconic hexagonal pool and the grand Hollywood-esque staircase, remnants of its inception, echo with the whispers of past glamour. The Regent maintains its allure, especially during events, a testament to its enduring presence in the hearts of Hongkongers.

Designing Serenity

Chi Wing Lo’s redesign of the Regent epitomises sublime understatement. Against the backdrop of the ever-changing Victoria Harbour, the hotel doesn’t need to be ostentatious. Lo’s Harvard-educated, multidisciplinary approach brings a unique touch to the design, with an emphasis on squares and circles, symbolizing the harmonious balance of heaven and earth in Chinese philosophy.

The lobby, a serene space with a 50-foot-long digital installation by Hong Kong artist Hung Keung, offers an immersive check-in experience. The rooms and suites, adorned with organic materials like wood and marble, present a harmonious blend of simplicity and sensuality. Although the walls lack conventional art, the panoramic views of Hong Kong Island through the blinds more than compensate.

Culinary Indulgence

Dining options at Regent Hong Kong cater to diverse palates. The Steakhouse, a relic since the hotel’s inception, continues to be a haven for meat enthusiasts. Specialist cuts, including wagyu from renowned Japanese producer Toriyama, make it a carnivorous delight. Nobu, returning to Regent, and the two-Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant, Lai Ching Heen, contribute to the hotel’s gastronomic opulence. The Qura Bar, designed by Melbourne’s Bar Studio, stands as a chic retreat for connoisseurs.

Exploring the Location

With the Star ferries and the Museum of Art nearby, Regent Hong Kong places guests in the midst of the city’s offerings. Tsim Sha Tsui, the area around the hotel, evolved into a fashionable enclave in the 1980s. With the K11 Musea mall, boasting a “Museum-Retail” concept, and a resurgent Regent, this harborside area aspires to regain its status as the beating heart of East Asia’s magical metropolis.

Regent’s reopening gala, attended by the city’s elite, marked the return of a cherished institution. Acrobatic dancers suspended from the building exterior enthralled guests, epitomising the flamboyance that complements Chi Wing Lo’s subtle sophistication.

As Hong Kong navigates its post-upheaval phase, Regent Hong Kong stands undeterred in its mission to reclaim its role as Tsim Sha Tsui’s epicentre of elegance. The city’s society has spoken—the Regent, their Regent, is back.

Rediscover Luxury: Have You Explored the Allure of Regent Hong Kong?

As Regent Hong Kong reclaims its position as a symbol of luxury in Tsim Sha Tsui, what are your thoughts on the hotel’s transformation?

Have you experienced the magic of Hong Kong’s enchanting views from Regent’s vantage point? Share your reflections and expectations in the comments below.

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